Remember, Remember...

Tribalife was first created on November 12th, 2013 by CEO and designer David "Wavy" Chijioke. Now used solely as a brand name for his clothing line (Tribalife Brand Apparel), it's origins stem from a collective group of passionate individuals who organized and volunteered at community service initiatives throughout America. This group of kids, who once shared the same name Tribalife, were driven to change their communities. 

After the team dissolved, David became committed to spreading his former group's ideals of positivity and unity by launching Tribalife Brand Apparel, a clothing-line based on the Tribalife idealogy. HIs vision is to bring people of different walks of life together through a common love for fashion. 

"One day I hope to make a difference in the world. Some may say a clothing line won't change anything, but knowing that this clothing line started out as a group of kids who one day got together and starting being the change they wanted to see may inspire people to do something. " - David 


Tribalife Brand Apparel, LLC still holds similar values from it's preceding inception. Our company values culture, loyalty, originality, tradition, and humanity.